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Top 10 Signs He Pretends to Love You

signs he is pretending to love you

Love is a life-changing and beautiful experience. Everyone falls in love with someone at least once in a lifetime and might express his love to the person he loves the most. But sometimes, if a person says “I love you,” it doesn’t mean that he genuinely means it; knowing that a person doesn’t love you can be a heartbreaking experience, and knowing that the person is pretending can further increase your heart pain. You might notice many signs in his behavior if he is loving you for his comfort.

Here are some top 10 warning signs that he is pretending to love you.

1. Not Having Much Conversations

One of the clearest indicators that he is pretending to love you is that is he is not interested in having any conversations with you. If he truly loves you, he will make efforts to talk to you it can be through calls, text or face to face interactions. If he doesn’t reply to you message on time and always has excuses for not replying then this this a major read flag that he has no feelings for you.

2. Making No Efforts in a Relationship

Lave is all about emotions and efforts, if he is investing minimum time with you can is making least efforts in relationship that this is a clear indicator that he is not interested in you. This includes, not planning any surprises or dates, forgetting any important dates like your anniversary or birthdays and not showing up when you need him the most. A real lover will always be there for you no matter how busy he is or not.

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3. Not Talking their Heart

Real love is all about emotional connections, this connections bring up emotional conversations. If he avoids having any emotional connect, never discusses about your future or never speaks out what is in their heart that this is a clear signal that he is faking is love for you. Keep an eye on this behavioral change and things will start getting clear to you.

4. Lacking Affection in Relationship

Affection is an important ingredient in a relationship, affection is something that is always constant no matter how bad the person’s mood is. If he shows affection to you only in-front of others or when he needs something form you that this is a clear read flag that he is not into you anymore.

5. He is Always Self Centered

If he keeps himself over you and is always talking about himself in a relationship, whenever you try to have a mutual conversation, all he has to say is about himself and is likes and dislikes. If you partner is self-centered and neglects your feelings ad needs that that is a clear indicator that he is not interested in you anymore.

6. Not Ready To Compromise

In every relationship, there are some situations where you have to compromise. If you keeps himself on priority over your needs and you are always left half ways then this means that his live for you is not genuine. A real lover will always keep your needs on the top over his, not caring about your happiness and need and not ready to compromise in love then this means he is only pretending to care about you.

7. He has No Interest in Your Life and Family

If he really loves you, he will always try to know your more. He will show interest in your personal life and family. If he rarely asks how your day was or how you is family doing, ignores your failures and achievements and never corrects you when you are wrong, the he might not be truly in love with you. Real and genuine love involves deep interest in your personal life, emotions and family.

8. He keeps Things Secret from You

Transparency and honesty are important in a loving relationship. If he is to secretive about what he does all day, refuses to talk about is whereabouts and never lets you see his phone and social media, this could be a clear sign that he pretends to love you and is faking it all the time.

9. He Never Talks about Future

If he loves you, planning a future with you will be his first priority. He will always be eager to make plans with you specially marriage and kids. But, whenever you try to have any conversation about future, he either ignores it or becomes defensive. This might be a clear sign that he is only pretending to love you. He always avoids talks about future goals and dreams.

10. Manipulates With Your Emotions

Emotional manipulation is a clear read flag in a relationship. If he is always making you guilty or the things you have done, always arguing and talking about your failures and the things that you were not able to achieve to make you submissive in an argument ten this is a clear sign that he is not interested in you. Manipulative behavior shows his lack of love and respect for you.

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What to Do If You Recognize These Signs of his Fake Love?

If you notice not all but most of these signs in your relationship, it is important that you have a clear conversation with him. Express, how you are feeling for is fake love and ignorance and confront him about how things are going in between them. Be honest in your conversations and observe how he responds. If he really loves you, he will listen to you can have a clear conversation about why things are like this, he might be going tough time or, there might be family problems that he is facing.

However, instead of having open conversation he is trying to get defensive or ignoring your talks or trying to change the topic that is is a clear sign that he will not change and is only pretending to love you.

How to Move On?

Even after you efforts of having conversations, he is not changing then you might have to take a painful step of moving on. Surround yourself with loved ones and family, have talk with them about your situation and ask way out, they will definitely help you in moving on. You can even consider taking professional help, they have good experience in handling situations like this.

If true love is not there, it is best to move on. Staying stuck in a painful and fake relationship will make your physical and mental health worse. Never settle on fake love and go for person that really cares for you and loves you for real.