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14 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

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Living simple life means living a DE cluttered life and adopting minimalism, simple life means living life that priorities family, emotions and friendship over materialism and other worldly possessions. A person who lives a simple life prioritizes his personal space and mental piece and creates a habits that requires less. To reach goal of you simple life, you need to focus on core of life principals such as gratefulness, mindfulness, and sustainable living. Simplicity focuses on building a life that focuses on commitments and sense of gratitude for present.

Simplicity is getting in-trend these days and many people specially youth are adopting simple living over the materialistic world. Lot you youth are giving up modern style of living and are trying to de clutter their life. May of people who have adopted simple living have been successful in rebuilding and reconstructing their life.

Here are some ways you can implement in your life to make it simpler and less complex.

1. Re-arrange your living space

First step on achieving your simple life goal is rearranging your life, start by de cluttering your work space, living space and your bedroom. Beginning of anything great starts form your home. Clean your home, dispose of any distractions of any unwanted items that might derail you from your journey of simplicity. By rearranging you home, you will create a positive aura in your home that will help you in embracing proclivity in your mind and body.

2. Practice Minimalist Living

Minimalist living and simple living are correlated to each other. Minimalist living means living life simply, having a clear plan about your present and your future, this clears your mind and keeps you away from any unnecessary stress. Life fulfillment is very necessary and is a key in simple living process.

3. Create your Daily Routines that helps promote discipline

Create easy daily routines for a more organized and efficient life and makes you more disciplined human being. Stick to simple habits that helps you in your overall development.

4. Limit Use of Phone and Any Other Digital Devices

Limit use of phone or digital devices if you want to achieve you goal of simple living. Phones act as distraction, consuming a lot of content all day make your brain and vision foggy. Brain fog is major problem in youth these days, constant dose of dopamine and adrenal rush that consuming digital media is very dangerous. By avoiding this, it will help in reconstruction of your brain and will boost up your concentration levels.

5. Re arrange Your Wardrobe

Re arranging you wardrobe means removing all unnecessary cloths that are occupying much space in your almera. Keep some selected cloth at that are simple and not that costly or stylish. This approach makes your life simple as less time is invested every day in selection of you clothes. Minimalist wardrobe saves plenty of precious time every day and makes your life less cluttered and simple.

6. Prioritize your Important Tasks

Prioritize important tasks to reduce stress. Avoid overcommitting to office colleagues, friends, and family; this helps prioritize crucial tasks. This approach helps in DE cluttering your life and makes your live effective and managed.

7. Set your Boundaries.

Set clear boundaries to simplifying your life. Keep your priority above everything and learn to say no to people who are energy extractors. Maintain a proper work life balance and limit your working hours and set clear boundaries with your office colleagues and restrict picking up phones in off working hours.

8. Keep Your Focus on Your Present.

Present is called present because it is a gift, it means that a gift that you have control on. By keeping you focus on you present and forgetting you past mistakes, you can build a future that is full of success and achievements. If you want to be successful in life, simple living is a roadmap that you must follow.

9. Avoid Un-Necessary Spending’s.

Simplify you finances, you will simplify your live. Try cutting any un necessary spending’s that is not necessary, this will simplify your life and will bring down complexity and bring clarity and control.

10. Learn to Say No.

Set boundaries and say no commitments that are not needing in your life, by practicing this method you might disrupt your some of the relationships but for long term it will be good for your overall development. By saying no to unsessasry people you will save some amount of you time that you can invest in yourself devloplement and productivity.

11. Focus on Your Family.

It is well said “a man who doesn’t spend time with is gamily is not a man”, this is same of modern living. Because of over commitments at work and race of climbing corporate ladder, very less time is left for family, plan family dinners and a holiday trips. To promote simplicity you must give you maximum time to your family.

12. Try Keeping You Meals Simple.

Eating a simple meals that is less of spices and unhealthy items, try eating healthy. This approach will not only make your life simple but will help you in building a healthy lifestyle.

13. Exercise

Exercising is very important if you want to want to become physically and mentally healthy.  Try creating a routine that prioritizing working out and exercise at least 3 times a week. This will help you in simplifying your life.

14. Stop Pleasing People.

If you find yourself pleasing people and are looking for constant approvals, this will mess up your life. Start saying no to people who are toxic or are trying to mentally harm your. Mental detoxification is very important.

By following a simple life, you not only nurture a healthy lifestyle but also develop mental and physical health.