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Must Have Desk Accessories for Your Perfect Work Setup

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Keeping your work-from-home setup organized is a hassle; while you are always trying to keep your work organized and clutter-free, your desk needs to be fixed at the end of the day. There is clutter everywhere, leftover coffee mugs, half-done notes and wires crumpled around.

Organizing your desk can be a fight each day; there are a lot of desk accessories available in the market that can help you keep your desk organized; while some are very useful, others can be clickbait.

We have chosen some of the must-have desk accessories that can help you in keeping your desk organized; I hope that will make your life simpler and clutter-free.
Here is our checklist for must-have desk accessories

1. To-Do Calendar

Keeping your work organized is a must if you have a desk set up at home. There are multiple options and applications available on the internet, but there might be a chase where you can miss any meeting or task notification; choosing an old-school calendar as an office desk accessory is a must. This minimalist approach reduces your dependency on technology and keeps your work and meetings organized.

2. Tech accessories Organizers

Keeping your gadgets in one place can be a great idea. By keeping your gadgets organized, you can help yourself by cutting down the hassle of finding your things when you need them. One of the most useful office and desk accessories that will not only help you find your things and gadgets easily but will also help you keep your desk neat and tidy all day. Having a pouch to organize your chargers, cables, and power bank is a must for a properly organized and clutter-free office or for working from a home desk.

Here are some of the best Tech accessories organizers for your desk

FYY Travel Tech and Cable Organizer Pouch

One of the best sellers and top-rated products, this tech organizer is a perfect desk accessory that looks simple yet effective. Compact and lightweight product that can help you in keeping your charger, power bank and other cables organized.

Tomtoc Electronic Organizer Accessory

Have a good budget? Here is a premium desk organizer gadget that you can carry while travelling. Tomtoc Electronic Organizer is the best option for travel enthusiasts. Made from water resistance material, it is best for carrying large and bulky gadgets like laptop chargers, electronic trimmers and power banks.

3. Portable Standing Desk For Monitors

Are you tired of sitting all day? Long hours of working and sitting can cause major health problems, and to deal with these problems, having a proper standing desk is a must. It not only keeps you active and creative all day, but it will also relieve you of your unwanted back and neck problems.

SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk

We have chosen one of the most premium and best-seller stand desks available. This SHW 36-inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk is portable and made from premium material that helps in getting you out of your couch or chair and keeps you active all day. The point about this desk is that it is portable, and you can adjust its height.

Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter

Premium portable desk gadget that has a mount pre-attached to it and supports dual monitor enhance your work-from-home experience by setting up and adjusting its height according to your needs and comfortable standing or sitting position.

4. Wireless keyboard and Mouse Set

Are you tired of all the USB wires all around your desk? Buy a wireless mouse and keyword set. A must-have desk accessory if you are working from home or are travelling a lot. Buying a must desk accessory will make your life less cluttered and keep your desk organized.

Here are some of our top picks for wireless mouse and keywords

  1. Lenovo 510 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo
  2. Dell KM3322W Keyboard and Mouse
  3. Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave K350 Keyboard and Mouse
  4. RAPOO Wireless Keyboard and Laser Mouse Combo

5. Laptop Docking Station

A major problem while organizing your desk is that you need multiple ports and chargers; having a Docking station for your desk is a must desk accessory. By purchasing docking stations for your office desk, you can make your desk well organized, and you can access all your gadgets like wireless chargers, connect multiple monitors, HDMI ports, desk lamps, and much more in one go.

Our Top Picks for Best Docking Stations for Office Desk

  1. Anker 675 USB-C Docking Station
  2. NEWQ USB C Docking Station with Power Adapter and Dual Monitor Support
  3. TobenONE Docking Station with USB C Support
  4. BARVA Wood Docking Station

6. Cable Organizers

A cable organizer is a tool that helps you keep wires and ports organized and in one place. Having a lot of cables around you is a big problem for people who are working all day. Cable organizers help you in keeping your wires clutter-free and organized.

7. Desk Calculator A Perfect office desk Gadget

desk calculator

Working all day, there can be multiple instances in which you have to do some calculations, especially if you are involved in finance or Information Technology. Choosing the right calculator as an office desk accessory cuts down the hassle of opening a calculator again and again on your computer. You can choose from multiple options available in the market.

8. Digital Desk Clock

A desk clock acts as a time-keeping device; it helps you keep track of time and promotes efficiency. Keeping it as a desk gadget in your work-from-home setup promotes productivity and enables you to complete your work within the deadline. Digital clocks help with time management, make you punctual at work, and help maintain a proper work-life balance.

Here are some of our Desk Gadgets

  1. Loftie Smart Alarm Clock
  2. Vintage Desk Clock Tabletop Clock Motorcycle
  3. JALL Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

9. Portable Monitors

Rare but a must-have desk gadget if you are doing a lot of travel. Having a good portable monitor can make your life easier as you can carry it anywhere without worrying about wires and ports. You can just connect them wirelessly with your laptop in one go and start your office work. The main problem with portable monitors is that they are less common to have, and you have to charge them like some of their other gadgets.