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9 Simple Ways on How to DE clutter Your Life

decluttering your life

Everyone once in life has thought about bringing change and decluttering their life from unwanted things. Change from their daily routine, bad habits or something they don’t like about their life but have failed to bring that change. Research has shown that 9 out of 10 people think about bringing change in life or De- cluttering it and making it better but fail due to lack of willingness or some external factors, like family problems or other responsibilities.

Decluttering your life is not rocket science; it is like growing a tree. You have to take care of plants each day to grow them. Life is similar; your efforts are like watering your plant; you will have to water it for fruitful returns.

Tips on How to DE clutter your life and Make it Better Every Day

1. Start by Cleaning your Room

You might have noticed that each character who plans to bring change in their life starts by cleaning their room. Similarly, you will have to start with your room, clean all dust and remove all unwanted things from it, then clean your kitchen and the rest of your house. If your home is clean, you will start feeling better and will develop a stronger willingness to move forward with your decluttering life journey.

2. Remove all Unwanted Applications from your Phone

According to recent research it has shown that there are potential side effects of phone and tech usage on the mind and body, especially your concentration; in modern era, the phone is a must and you have to use it every day no matter what you have to do. From ordering food to booking an appointment with a doctor, a mobile phone has become a necessity and is part of your life. By changing your phone usage habits, you can bring a major change in your life and will come closer to your de-clutter life journey process.

3. Recreate your Morning Routine

According to National institute of Health (NIC), having a good start of your day helps you energetic and productive all day. Firstly, have a proper night’s sleep; this is very important for your overall health. When you wake up, start by cleaning your bed instead of looking at your phone and scrolling through meaningless short videos, then clean your self and cook a healthy breakfast instead of eating those readymade and easy-to-cook meals. A kick start in your daily routine will change your life and give you a sense of achievement and a dopamine rush.

4. Change your Daily Habits

Habits are built over time; they define you and your future. Changing simple habits like taking care of your hygiene, reducing your alcohol consumption, and spending time with family instead of binging online content will help you declutter your life. I know, you cannot change your habits in one day. Try changing one bad habit for one week, and you will achieve your goal easily.

5. Remove all Toxic People from your Life

As the famous saying goes, “Show me your friends, and I will show your future.” This is all true in real life. The people around you will define you and your future. Having toxic people around you will bring unwanted obstacles in your DE clutter journey. Try finding good friends; they will help you uplift your life-changing journey.

6. DE clutter your Wardrobe

DE cluttering your wardrobe means getting rid of all unwanted clothes that are no longer useful. Having a clean wardrobe enhances your mood and removes the morning hassle of finding the right clothes. You can either donate or throw away all unwanted and flashy clothes that don’t fit you anymore or are of no use to you.

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7. Start Working Out

According to Hayward University Research, regular physical activity like weight lifting or a simple 20-minute run lowers blood pressure and keeps you active all day. Working out keeps your mind and body healthy and ready for all day. Less stress means more productivity, and having a good, productive day means you can work on your skills with less effort; this will uplift you financially, physically and mentally. If you have not worked out for a long time, it’s better to consult your family doctor before going hard on your workout routine.

8. Set your Own Priorities

Setting your own priorities means understanding and working for things that matter to you more instead of trying to please people around you; there is a famous quote “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”. You need to understand if you will always live for other people and try keeping up with their expectations, you will not achieve anything in life; kick start your de-clutter life journey by living for yourself and not for the people around you.

9. Adopt Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism is a way of life. It means giving up things or habits that bother you or push you back in your life, being happy with less, and not giving up hope of being better in the future. By adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you can get rid of all unwanted things, and hence, you can declutter your life for good.

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Following these easy steps can de-clutter your life and make it more meaningful. You cannot achieve this in one day or month; it is a journey full of ups and downs. It is your dedication and willingness that will help you achieve your goals in life and make them more meaningful