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7 Tips on How to Get Rid of Your Cell Phone Addiction

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Cell phones have made our lives very easy; with one click, we can binge our favorite show on Netflix or talk to loved ones sitting 1000 miles away. With the advancement of the internet, cell phone data, and cheaper internet rates, anyone can access this facility easily, including people of all ages. Over-cellphone usage and over-dependence on cell phones in our lives have turned this habit into addiction. People spend more than 3 hours a day on cell phones scrolling over useless videos and killing their precious time; more over-addicting patterns of modern apps are designed to keep you engaged for hours. These types of behavior patterns not only hamper your physical health but also impact your mental health. Obesity and mental illness are at their peak, and cell phone addiction is making these conditions worse.

Here are some of the simple ways by which you can get rid of your cell phone addiction for good.

1. Turn off all Unwanted Notifications

The primary reason for cell phone addiction and overuse of a phone is all the unwanted notifications that distract you from your studies or your daily routine; most importantly, try keeping your addictive applications notifications silent. This practice will keep you away from your cell phone and other unwanted distractions.   

2. Track your phone usage

Tracing your daily cellphone usage is a proven way to eliminate cell phone addiction. I keep wondering what your data habits are. Make note of your cellphone usage patterns and the applications you use most. This can help you in testing your cellphone addiction.

3. Keep your Phone Out Of Your Bedroom

One of the best cures to cellphone addiction is keeping your phone out of your bedroom; this habit will help you stay away from your phone during working hours. Moreover, you will get more time to spend with your family and loved ones, and studies have shown people who keep their phone away while spending time with family are happier than people who are always on the phone while having family time.

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4. Try Meditation for Self Control

Medication can help you control your addictive behaviors of overusing your cell phone; try meditating for half hours each day; this will help you control your urges to reach your phone and check for notifications.

5. Install Do Not Disturb Applications

Some applications like Zen Mode, Cold Turkey, Forest, and others restrict cell phone usage. Set a timeline to limit unwanted notifications and keep essential things like calls and messages. This category of applications will give you some self-time and productive hours for yourself.  

6. Try Buying a Cheaper phone that has Less Features

Yes, this technique of eliminating over-cellphone usage is unique but very effective. These days, you can get flagship-level features on your cheap cell phone; try buying a minimalist telephone that has the most minor features and a keypad. This will keep you away from distractions from modern applications and keep some critical and valuable everyday applications.

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7. Try Reaching Out to Professionals

If all the above techniques don’t work, the best option is to reach out to professionals who can help you get rid of these addictions; they are professionals who can help you get rid of your cellphone addiction quickly.

There is a saying: “Cell phones bring you closer to a person far from you, but they take you away from the one sitting next to you.” Try removing this habit and create memories with people living with you.