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How to Tell if Someone is Lying ?

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Do you always need clarification when conversing with someone and suspecting that someone is lying? Then don’t worry; lying is a common trait of human beings, and solid signs and body language changes appear in someone whenever they are lying. The best way to detect a lie is by identifying these strong signals. For example, there will be a specific tone, sweating, body language, and posture change.

Here are strong signs that can help you identify if someone is lying.

Change in Breathing Pattern 

Whenever a person speaks a lie, they start breathing heavily. Heavy breaths are a sign that the person is getting nervous, and the reason for their nervousness is that they are worried that their lie might get caught. As the breathing pattern changes, you will also notice a change in their posture. Anxiety and nervousness make them very uncomfortable. 

Forced Similes or Expressions 

Whenever a person speaks a lie, they force their facial expressions. They avoid constant eye contact, try faking their expression, and sink their expressions into the lie they are trying to convince you of. Watch their behavioral patterns to identify a lie. 

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Back and Forth Eye Moment 

A lie always makes someone uncomfortable; no matter how expert that liar is, they will face difficulties keeping their eyes in control, especially if you are going into detail. This eye moment will change whenever you ask questions about what and how it happened. These indicate that someone is nervous and feels uncomfortable with the questions you are requesting. 

Fake Smile 

The most robust way to tell if someone lies is through fake expressions, especially smiles. If you notice carefully, you will see they are forcing their smile. Their fake smile is unique because only their lips will be smiling, not their eyes. With counterfeit smiles, you will also see specific changes in their body movements, from the back and moment of their feet to looking here and there, simply trying to avoid further conversation.

Using Swear Word again and again 

To identify a lie, you must keep your ears wide open and listen to what they are saying, from repeating what they are saying to using swear words. This speaking pattern is a common trait of a liar. They will try convincing you by speaking swear words again and again. You can even see a change in their speech pattern; they will become louder when they are trying to convince you that what they are saying is true. 

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Making Correction in what they are Saying 

As they speak lies, they might not remember what they have spoken before, you will see minor to significant changes in their story. They will make Corrections to facts and will try to avoid any questions. They might even get aggressive by your questions. 

Using Negative Words 

They will use hate speech for someone or something to convince you about their lie. As they have spoken lies about someone, they might use hate speech and harmful words; with negative words, you might also see a change in their speaking pattern and a remarkable change in their pitch. 

Quick Answers to Your Questions 

Whenever you ask a question, you might get quicker answers than you expected from that person before. Try asking the same question again; you might notice different answers to the same questions. 

Aggressive Response to Your Confrontation 

If you tell them that you are lying, they might get aggressive, which is the most vital sign of a liar. They might even get aggressive when you ask questions or tell them that you have caught their lie. Try not to tell them about this, as it might cause further escalation. 

These significant signs can help you tell if someone is lying. Even if you identify their lies, it is better not to confront them, as he might get aggressive, harming your relationship with him