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10 Benefits of Living Alone

Benefits of living alone

If you are a type of a person that likes his freedom and loves to play with his own rules then definitely you are a troglodyte. These are the people who love to live alone in their own environment. They have their own castle where they play with their own rules and are kings of their homes. If you love to live alone then you are one of the million people who have chosen this lifestyle because they are tired of toxic family members, relatives or unnecessary boundaries.

There are numerous advantages of living alone, here are some of the advantages why being alone is better?

1. Living Alone Means more Independence and Less Responsibility

Living alone allows you to make your own decisions, live by your own rules and do things according to you. By living alone you can manage your life on your own rules and make independent decisions, you have freedom to choose your own partners or companions with whom you can hangout, decorate your own space and organize your life according to you without compromising by full fillings others expectations

2. By Living Alone you Can Have your Own Personal Space

One of the most beneficial things of living alone is that you have your own personal space, you can do things however you want in your own boundaries and have privacy which is not there when you are living with your family members , roommates or friends.

3. You Get Time for Self Discovery

Self discovery is a practice in which you can discover yourself spiritually by traveling alone to the places you like. By living alone you get an opportunity to self discover yourself. You can discover the missing link in yourself  that you have always questioned about yourself. By self discovery you can know about your fears, your likes and things that have been buried deep inside your heart for decades.

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4. Flexibility in Your Daily Routine

By living alone you can flexibly adapt your schedule, there are no boundations on when and what to eat when to sleep, you can full fill your own desires when you have flexibility in your routine. You get time to indulge in hobbies that you like, traveling opportunities open up when you are living alone, you can start working on your personal projects that will improve you personally and professionally.

5. Peace and Quiet

Living alone is better because you can enjoy your own peace and quietness in your own home. By living alone you can create a tranquil environment that can help you relax and concentrate more freely, your living space is less noisy that keeps you away from distraction and makes you more productive.

6. You can Practice Minimalism

Minimalism  is a practice that is being followed by youth these days. With fever, belongings and less responsibility minimalism makes a life less messed up and you can focus more on what really matters to you, by living alone you can declutter your mind and body, hence your creativity is boosted.

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7. Financial freedom

Living alone brings up some additional expenses like paying your rent or buying groceries for yourself alone but for the longer term living alone can save you money. You can control your own spending’s as you don’t have to spend on people around you.

8. Bigger social circle

Sometimes when you live with family or friends,¬† you really can’t concentrate on meeting more people, and if you are surrounded by the over expecting aur overprotective friends you get restricted in your own circle, living alone opens up opportunities of meeting people of your own profession or likings without any commitments.

9. Cleaning becomes manageable

Cleaning becomes easy because you are only responsible for cleaning up your own mess. You can create a cleaning schedule by your own rules. When you live alone you have full control of your room, food and belongings this means you can plan your cleaning schedule according to you.

10. Your life becomes less happening

Living alone you really have very few people with whom you have to have a conversation, and if you are an introvert living alone can be a blessing for you. You really don’t have to talk make promises or hangout this people you don’t like.

For the final verdict, living alone is a lifestyle that is not meant for everyone and is not beneficial for very long. Humans are social animals and socializing makes you healthy mentally and physically.