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Overcoming Challenges in a Long-Distance Relationship

issues with long distance relationship

After advancement in technology, world has become a very short place, a place where we have countless virtual or telephonic connections, same is for the relationships. Love relationships have started converting into long distance relationships where couple are miles away and sometimes they are even in different countries.  Long distance relationships has its own challenges and the major one is distance. It is always said for a healthy and fulfilling relationship a physical touch is very important and this is a biggest challenge when it comes to a long distance relationship which is missing physical touch. Today lets talk about benefits and challenges of long distance relationships and solutions for those challenges.

Here are some of the major challenges faced by couples in long distance relationships

1. Communication Gaps and Difficulties

Pillow talks and late night chats are very important if you want your relationship to last long, but in long distance relation, that key ingredient is missing. Start talking to each other, have long video calls and try having dates on phone, get yourself ready with some surprise love messages you’re your partner. These shot and effective techniques will make your connection alive and long distance relationship will last longer and might get converted to forever as soon as you plan to move together.

2. Trust Issues

Trust is building block of every relationship, it keeps relationship strong and healthy, specially when it comes to long distance relationship. To keep your bond stronger, honest talks are very important, don’t be shy from sharing what in your mind and be open to any talk, it is not necessary that you will have a strong trust in beginning of your relationship, trust is something that builds over time, give your relationship some time and you will reach level of trust that you always wanted in a relationship.

3. Confused Emotions

Long distance relationship is always about confusions and self-doubts, long distance relationship is like a rollercoaster and it is about ups and downs, the distance and lack of physical touch makes that confusion more complicated, you might get lonely sometimes and then your mind is flooded with multiple thoughts. Try controlling your thoughts as they are some unnecessary doubts that are appearing because of the absence of your partner physically. Try having a open talk with your partner about your emotions and plan a meeting as soon as possible.

4. Time Zone Troubles

If you are in different country, time zone difference may puzzle up your relationship. It becomes totally impossible to even schedule long talks because of day and night difference, but there is a solution to every problem. Try setting some some time that suits you boat. And when it comes to special occasions like birthday and anniversary, thy pre planning your calls. By doing so, this will make sure that your special moments don’t get messed up because of distance and time.

5. Limited Physical Intimacy

Feeling of loneliness and absence of physical touch can be difficult in long distance relationship, you are always waiting for some warm hugs and kisses that you have always imagined. Tech helps you in your virtual connection but intimacy is very important in long distance relationship. You can overcome this missing part by sending online gifts of virtual surprises, they are cool way to fill that missing part in your relationship, you can even try being creative, try some romantic song are a poem.

6. Fading Emotional Connection

This feeling can be overcome by regularly expressing love and gratitude, appreciating efforts they are doing, commitment is very essential to re built the fading connection. Supporting them is their lows and appreciating them in their high may strengthen up your connections.

7. External Friends and Family Pressures

Dealing with what other thing about your long distance relationship is like a thorn in rose plant. Friends and family start throwing compliments about your relationship and dealing with them becomes extremely difficult, just make sure you boat hare in same page and trust each other, it is that trust that will keep you hanging on with your romantic relationship, trust will help you in letting go thoughts about what others think. You do what feels best for you two!

8. Financial Issues

Long distance relationships are expensive as it includes travel cost and online gifts whenever you want to see each other. You even miss important part about budgeting and money in relationship.  In that chase it’s really important to boat of you to sit and talk about the issue, it is only you two who can some this issue. Try budgeting who will visit and who can pan those costly dinners and other spending.

9. Difference in Social Lives

Distance and sometimes country difference by make you different cultural, it is totally normal and gap can be filled. Try finding your each other in trusts, you can even plan you meet with friends and family , you can always find ways to connect to each other and trust me culture of thing difference is always constructive in a relationship.

10. Confusion About Future

Long distance relationship can sometimes be live firing an arrow in the dark, you are always unsure that will it hit the target or not. Sit down and have some talks about your future and long term plans. Imagine how amazing it would be when you booth plan to move with each other and plan your future.

11. Technology Issues

Tech is something that you can’t always trust, there can always be communication gap if you relay on technology, even after using emoji’s, you cannot fully tell what is the mood of your partner, this can sometimes get messy. It is always important that you talk on video calls rather than texting and have a smooth connection.

12. Jealousy and Insecurity

Being in long distance relationship can sometimes make you feel tricked and double-crossed, thoughts might randomly appear in your mind that you are getting double-crossed. Feeling for jealousy might get build up whenever your partner get on a trip or night out with your friends. It is really important to share your feelings and thoughts with your partner and trust s very important whenever these type of feeling initiate in your brain.

To sum it up, challenges of long-distance relationships might seem like a tough ride, but trust me, it’s totally doable. Couple often overcome these challenges and trust me, if love is strong, no feeling, distance of third person can break you relationship.