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How to Master Mastering the Art of Letting Go

art of letting go

What Does Letting Go Mean?

Letting go means removing something from your life; it can be physical possessions, emotional attachments, or certain habits that you have developed over time and want to completely remove from your life. In other words, letting go means removing something that has no purpose in your life. Sometimes, letting go of things can be difficult for someone because they might be emotionally attached to that possession or person, and forgetting something that you have been attached to for more than decades can be difficult.

The process of letting go might involve making difficult decisions. Still, it is very effective if you want to remove some unnecessary burdens from your life and add new memories, grow personally, or find some meaning in your life.

Why is It Very Difficult to let go of things?

Letting go of things can be difficult for many reasons:

People Have Emotional Attachments

Items, people or habits carry emotional feelings that are connected to memories; parting from them can be difficult for some people, especially for people who are high on emotions.

Fear of Losing Someone

If there is some kind of sentimental value attached to it or it means a lot to them, people might get scared or feel sorry for the loss. Most people carry this regret with them for a lifetime.

Loss of Invested Time and Money

People may struggle to let go of things because of the belief that they’ve invested their precious time, hard-earned money, or involvement efforts that have been put in to acquire that possession. This type of fear is known as the sunk cost fallacy.


Sometimes, people can get attached to their possessions, and they start considering them as their personal belongings or personal identity.

Insecurity about the person’s Future

Some people find comfort in holding onto family possessions, viewing them as a source of security for the unknown Future. Letting go can trigger anxiety about what lies ahead.

Cultural and Societal Attachments

Sometimes, there can be an instance in which that habit or possession is attached to the family for decades; it can be a tradition or belonging that has been passed from generation to generation from generations.

Potential Future Use

Some People often hold onto items, thinking they might need them in the Future, contributing to a fear of letting go of something that could be useful later.

Can’t Find Replacement

People might not want to get rid of things if they’re not sure they can replace them later. It’s a way to avoid the possible hassle involved in the Future.

How to Master Art of Let Go?

Acceptance is a Key.

After making a decision to let go, stop giving yourself second thoughts. Move away from the possessions, people or places that remind you of the pain that you have gone through all those years.

You can only Save Yourself.

If you were hurt by your past decision and were hurt, you can only save yourself from further suffering.

Give yourself some Time.

Have faith in yourself and give yourself some time. Sometimes, it gets very difficult to forget something that you have been attached to for more than decades. Time is something that can heal everything.

Start Loving Yourself

Start doing things that you were planning to do for a long time, join some local community or get yourself some hobby. Groom yourself and focus on fitness or have some good family time. All this will help you in letting go faster.

Try Forgiving Yourself

Forgiveness is the key to forgiving something. It doesn’t always mean that you have to connect with that thing. Forgiveness will bring mental pleasure in yourself and will improve your surroundings; it will also bring down the weight of memories that you have been carrying for years.

Try understanding your feelings and how you are feeling from inside

Sit quietly and think about what you really feel; sometimes, something is something that creates a problem, but when you understand the problem and think about your feelings, this will help you let go easily.

Don’t wait for an apology from that person.

There is a very high chance that a person will not apologize, so waiting for an apology will not help you a lot. So, just stop things and move on and let go of things.

Try Reaching for help.

When everything doesn’t work, the only option is to reach for help. Help can be reaching out to professional help, like a psychiatrist, or calling a family member.

You need to understand that letting go is a long process and requires time and effort, but it is not an unachievable Process.