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10 Signs that You are Dating a Narcissist Person

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Individuals diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) carry a self-image of themselves that they are superior to others. Narcissist people have some common traits like being self-centered, lacking friends and social circle, lacking empathy and emotional feelings, and potentially gaslighting behavior, which is a major red flag for a person with NPD. This extends to giving their option and not acknowledging others’ opinions. Identifying these behavior patterns is very important if you are looking for a serious relationship.

How can you tell if someone is narcissistic?

Narcissistic behavior involves patterns like neglecting other feelings. They always keep themselves on priority; they have dominating behavior, and will always try to suppress you and your feelings. Self-admiring people have difficulty maintaining long-term relationships and constantly worry about their self-image, even if it involves insulting someone in front of the public.  

Here are some of the signs that indicate that you are dating a narcissist.

They are Self-focused

A Narcissistic person keeps their priorities and self-importance on their high-priority list; they will always worry about their looks and how others think about them.

Lack of Empathy

Lacking a sense of empathy or neglecting the emotions and needs of others is a common trait of a narcissist. A narcissist may seem indifferent or dismissive of your emotions and feelings.

The Constant Need for Self-Approval

A narcissist will always seek self-approval, whether it is their looks or what they are wearing. They will continuously look for self-praise and constantly take selfies. Dating them will be challenging as conversations surround them, and you will be totally missing in discussions.

Manipulative Behavior

A narcissistic person will always manipulate you emotionally; it is tough to emotionally understand a selfish person. They may use charm, guilt, or other tactics to get what they want from you.

Sense of Entitlement

Narcissistic people often believe in seeking special treatment; they think they deserve it and may express frustration or anger when things don’t go their way. When you date a narcissist, they will always choose date locations and will get frustrated if you add some of your opinions.


An inflated sense of self-importance may manifest in exaggerations of achievements, talents, or connections. They may also believe they are unique and can only be understood by other special or high-status people.

Difficulty Maintaining Relationships

Narcissists may struggle to maintain long-term, meaningful relationships due to their self-centered behavior and lack of empathy for others.

Frequent Lies

Narcissistic people will always seek lies to maintain their image around others; they will always remain well-dressed and not appreciate how you dress. A selfish person will use lies as life support; they will lie about their past relationships, family, or business.

Lack of Accountability

Narcissistic people are least accountable; when confronted with their mistakes or shortcomings, a narcissist may deflect blame onto others or make excuses rather than take responsibility.

Controlling Behavior

Narcissists might want to control parts of your life, like who you hang out with and what you do daily. This control can be obvious or more subtle.